PowaRent – Providing ecofriendly solutions for Covid-19 woes

Not too long ago the entire world was focussed on saving our planet. And then came along Covid-19. We are now encouraged to drench ourselves and everything around us in harsh chemicals in a bid to stay safe from this terrifying virus. This will inevitably cause severe damage to our beloved planet which would probably the main topic of discussion once we’ve gotten rid of Covid-19.

Keep your family, yourself and your fellow humans safe without harming our already fragile environment? PowaRent is an accredited distributor of Shift Disinfectants & Sanitizers, an amazing 100% natural, eco-friendly and biodegradable product developed by MKA Products.


Focussing on the latest heavy duty solution offered by PowaRent, we had a look at the Shift Disinfectant booth that sprays the 100% natural, inflammable disinfectant when passing through the booth. Apart from the benefit of being safe from Covid-19 once passing through, other benefits include that there is no harsh waste product to be disposed of in a certain way. The waste product can simply be lead to a drain or garden, as Shift Disinfectant will NOT harm the environment, but actually help it. Another benefit is the inflammable properties of the disinfectant. We don’t even want to imagine the severe consequences if a person is covered in 70% alcohol and an accident should happen. Luckily this will never happen when using Shift Disinfectant.

The disinfectant is not toxic and will not burn eyes or open wounds either. It is gentle on one’s skin and will not cause dryness or irritation, therefore it’s even safe for use by schools with small children.

Priced from as little as R25 950.00, the booths are available in various sizes, and can be custom branded on request, either to advertise your own business, or even renting out the space to other businesses for advertising.

We think the one thing that sets these booths apart from any other, is the fact that PowaRent offers an affordable financing option on the booths, truly considering the tough economic times. For more information, or to order your booth, contact PowaRent on 067 818 7036 or send an email to chanell@mkaproducts.com

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