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New Life Microgreens was founded by Ananda van Heerden in 2017 in Stellenbosch, South Africa. Being a Nutritionist by trade, Ananda’s interests in wellbeing and wholesomeness led her to microgreens. These baby greens of super goodness quickly captivated her attention

We plant microgreens in handmade planters and deliver them as décor to the finest hotels, restaurants and hospitality vendors in the Cape.

100% Organic and personally harvested from the local farm then planted in modern décor pots & hand-delivered to ensure longevity of life!

New Life Microgreens supply edible décor to the finest hotels, restaurants, coctail bars and caterers in and around Cape Town , South Africa. New Life ensures sustainability by personally harvesting table décor for reusage in your kitchen.

Ananda has recently developed the Grow-it-Yourself Kits.

Impress your guests with your own grown microgreen plant at dinner, harvesting it later for any lovely super dish

Microgreens are super versatile & a crucial benefit to your personal health journey.

Not only are they used as a garnish by top chefs or décor in the hands of New Life Microgreens – but they are also a hot new trend in the food and nutrition industry. These small “first leaves” of a sprouting seed are bursting with nutrition and noted as a beneficial Superfood.

Those looking to improve their health and wellness through nutrition should include microgreens in their smoothies, pile them on their sandwiches or mix them into their salads.

Grow it Yourself

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