“Dit proe soos huis” with Herman Lensing

Herman Lensing, author and presenter of “DIT PROE SOOS HUIS”, has recently visited Upington. From the vast Kalahari plains to the road straight to fame, Lensing reached success just by being himself and doing what he loves.

His journey started in the kitchen with his mom (Susan Lensing) in his hometown, Upington, growing in success right through to his current well-known tour of “DIT PROE SOOS HUIS”.

Upington was buzzing with excitement for weeks about the “DIT PROE SOOS HUIS” event, planned for the 20 and 21 February 2020. When the evening finally arrived, everyone was in awe of the excellent food and Herman’s stories about his family memories. A new world opened up for all who attended, a world full of new tasting experiences and aromas so intricately connected to Lensing’s childhood memories. Taste sensations included freshly baked bread with granadilla butter, and a dreamy dessert to end the night on a high.

Herman Lensing with Juanita de Bruyn of Upington AGS Lofoord and his assistants.

Course 1

A soft, fluffy piece of “mosbeskuit” bread served with granadilla butter.

This mouth-watering taste sensation melts in your mouth and is complimented by the nice clean freshness of the granadilla butter at the end…

“A small piece of my heart and soul on a plate” – Herman.

Course 2

A glass filled with biltong crochette with beer mustard and cream cheese panna cotta.

This dish was so rich in flavour and, despite the various strong tastes included, you could experience every complimenting flavour individually.

According to Herman, the biltong was always pre-cut by his father for their camping vacations, but remarkably always came back untouched.

Course 3

Imagine your family table on a warm Christmas summers day – That is exactly what we experienced with this course. Every dish has its own story, albeit a tad bit different from what we were used to growing up.

A typical South African family Christmas meal with salads and cold meat, is usually planned way in advance by the woman in the family. This course was no different, yet still so uniquely Herman.

The terrine he prepared for us included amazing spices and also an exciting crunch of nuts, which made it stand out from any other terrine I had before. Herman called it his classy polony.  This course also included three traditional salads: A bacon-potato salad with creamy mayo and herbs, makes your tummy feel warm and your heart miss your Nanna.  A carrot salad ring with a cooling mousse effect just melted in your mouth – excellent for the warm Upington weather we just love so much.  And lastly, the best ever tomato salad with a balsamic infused dressing, that just danced on your tongue and made you want more and more.

Course 4

A delectable chocolate mousse made with award winning chocolate; a taste of Paris.

This melt-in-your-mouth desert had just the right balance of sweet and cocoa, topped off with a sweet pie fluff that calms the slight bitterness of the chocolate, and a crispy biscuit that added a little crunch to a fabulous treat.

Herman correctly stated: “You have the right to experience the best things in life!” And this was definitely one of the best deserts I have had ever tasted. It was definitely an experience straight from Paris with a touch of South African love.

Course 5

A dish with three traditional, summer-holiday desserts, straight from your family’s kitchen:  A classic childhood favourite, cremora tart, with a piece of malva pudding, and a crumble that brings it all together.

The creamy cremora tart was smooth, sweet and really fluffy.  The malva pudding was delightfully sticky and sweet, and the crispy biscuit crumbs and exciting addition.  Who could ever have thought that these three deserts can complement each other so well?

The event was ended with Herman sharing one of his favourite memories of how his mom always welcomed him home after a trip out of town, with some tea and a slice of cremora tart. According to Herman, they would have long discussions and share stories and gossip about everyone in town, as that’s the way we show that we still care about one another in a small town like Upington.  

Herman dedicated this night to his mother, Susan Lensing, who is well-known in Upington as a woman whose hands could do anything she puts her mind to. She is a woman that made a great impact on her son’s life.  What better legacy to leave behind than the success of your children!

Herman told every story in a way that made you feel part of his family – More so, it reminded us of our own memories with our precious families. I remember when we were helping Herman prepare the venue before the event, how he spoke to us as if he had known us for years. The one thing that Herman showed us during this event, was the love and soul he has for people – I believe that only a real super hero (his Mother) could bring that out in a son/daughter.

It was an honour to be part of this special event and I truly believe that every house needs a copy of “DIT PROE SOOS HUIS” cookbook.

We want to thank Jeneen Cilliers who made her photos available to us for this event.

Remember, Mothers’ Day is around the corner – Spoil your mum with this special cookbook filled with tantalising memories straight from the Kalahari.  

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