Jodi Page – High Potential 1000 learner

from Duineveld, Upington, Northern Cape

Welcome to our beautiful Upington, where we not only have some of the highest temperatures in the country, but definitely also the warmest people. One of these people, includes the very special head girl of Duineveld High, Jodi Page. 

Jodi always aims to do her best in her role and to lead by example wherever she goes. She has an absolute passion for people and therefore wishes to study medicine at Stellenbosch University after completing school. Her ultimately dream is to become a doctor or dentist one day, where she can directly influence the lives and welfare of her patients and those around her.  With her hard work and great academic achievements, her dreams might soon become her new reality. 

Jodi at their Top 10 Academic function.
Jodi with the 2020 leadership team of Duineveld.

As one of her schooling highlights for the year, Jodi was chosen as part of the Top 10 finalists of Mej Veltieland, the school’s popular beauty pageant with a difference. This event mainly focuses on raising funds for different charities; Jodi is actively involved in community work at the local children’s home in Upington. Furthermore, she has also had the opportunity to acquire work-related experience at local hospitals and dentists, allowing her to directly experience what a day in their life looks like. The local Sarah Strauss Clinic and Harry Surtie Hospital are only two of the institutions where she managed to accumulate shadowing hours necessary for her application to study medicine at Stellenbosch University. 

Jodi with some of the other Miss Veltie Finalists.
Jodi giving a helping hand at one of the local charities.

Jodi’s mission does, however, also spread beyond academic achievements. She enjoys participating in sports, such as netball, swimming, dance and ballet. She particularly has a soft spot for her dance classes, and will carry these special moments in her heart forever.                       

As a polished public speaker, Jodi represents her school on a provincial level in public speaking. She was elected as part of her schools winning interschools team and believes that she can make a difference sharing her values and beliefs with others.  

Jodi does not only use her voice for public speaking, but also to cheer on the school’s athletic team when she was chosen as one of the team’s cheerleaders. 

Jodi and her netball team.
Jodi in action at netball.

Jodi also loves the outdoors and together with her friends, she enjoys participating in the Extreme challenge every year. As part of her grade 11 mark, Jodi had to design a new scientific creation. Therefore, participating in the yearly Eskom Ekspo was also fun and a great learning experience for her. 

She is an animal lover and also loves spending time with her friends and family.  Furthermore, Jodi values relationships, and believes that respect for yourself and others is one of the most important values in life. 

As the chairperson of the schools governing body, Jodi has a lot of eyes on her. Yet this friendly girl does everything with a big smile and heaps of passion. 

When asked why she loves her school so much, her answer was quite simple, “It is because of the people. Coming into the final stretch of my high school, I realised that every child is different and special in his own way.”

So, for this reliable, caring and strong leader, her high school experience is set to become some of the best years of her life. Not only has Duineveld High School been her home for the last 5 years, it has also been a place of love, acceptance and a celebration of a person’s most authentic self. 

Jodi’s motto in life:

“You do not have to be the best at everything, but do your best in everything you do.

Finally, Jodi believes in the power of prayer and religion, and gives thanks to the Lord for blessing her with much more than she deserves. 

If there is one sentence to describe Jodi Page, it would be: “Beauty is not in the face; it is in the light of the heart.”

Jodi with friends.
Jodi at her local dance school.
Cheerleading with a friend.


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