Reflect – Reboot – Restructure – Restart

Businesspeople wearing masks in the office for safety during COVID-19 pandemic.

“As business owners and economic drivers of our country, now is the time to flex our business muscles and keep moving forward. It is time for a major BUSINESS REBOOT”

Ian Swanepoel – MicroHub

Hello there, stranger …

Greetings from your MicroHub team.

You may not know us yet, but we want you to know that we have your back.

We understand what you and your business may be facing right now, because like you, we are all professionals and small business owners too. So, our team has decided to Pay it Forward.

A limited time BUSINESS REBOOT

What will our REBOOT packages entail?

REFLECT – Together we take a step back to look forward, evaluate your current marketing activity and online presence – It is time to do things a little differently, adjust our course and see new opportunities

REGROUP – We gather our collective resources to offer you the best community marketing package in line with your marketing goals and budget

RESTRUCTURE – Together we decide on the best products and services from within our offering to drive our proposed approach

RESTART – With a new vision and a fresh strategy we restart your connection with your community (your customers)

By sharing our skills, we can all succeed and get through C19 for the win. We help you by doing what we do best, and in return you Pay it Forward in your community by staying in business. You offer jobs, serve with your products and skills and contract more services.



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