I have been back in Upington for 8 years now and one of the things I have learned about the people of this beautiful river town, is that there is never a shortage of creativity.

I don’t know if it something in the water or if it is because of going through many hardships. From drought the one year to floods in the next. During Covid-19 lockdown we are experiencing heightened creativity again, especially in small businesses.

From quality, stylish masks to photographic genius, these are the people that keep us positive and connected during uncertain times like these.

One of these creative ‘Upingtonners’, who has already grabbed the attention of Maroela Media, is Jeneen Cilliers. Jeneen is a local photographer that believes ‘to keep busy is to stay positive’.

Jeneen decided that there was no way that the lockdown was going to stop her creative juices from flowing.

She contacted her neighbors to photograph them from her garden into theirs – and what a great success it was. It was this unique gesture that Maroela Media took note of and wrote about.

Jeneen then investigated ways to innovate social distancing photography. By means of a remote controlled app she is now able to access a client’s smartphone, implement professional settings and take good quality photos of, or for the client with the clients’ own phone and without even being in the same room.

The most important lesson here is that your money may run out, but your ideas never do.

If this inspires one more small business owner to think outside of the box, it will be worth it.

Jeneen is a full time Wedding and Lifestyle Photographer. Follow her at PhotoJeniC Jeneen Cilliers to find out more.

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