The Original “Crated with Love” Story

Yolande walked into my office one morning, four years ago, with a unique idea, knowing exactly what she wants.  We got excited together because I knew from the beginning this will be a winner and will make a lot of people feel very special.

I know how many nights she lied awake making plans for the next Mother’s day, Father’s day and Valentine’s.  How she searched the net and shops for the best quality product to make every crate unique.  I know how she had to change her idea many times and come up with new ideas on her when one of her suppliers couldn’t supply anymore or when someone else copied her idea.  Because it was always important that she give each and every client a unique gift that he/she cannot find anywhere else in South Africa.  She knows she doesn’t want her idea commercialized on a website soon because this way she can personalize every crate every time.  But she do deliver all over South Africa.

Watch this space because Crated with Love is getting a make-over again.  Because Yolande knows like the quote from Chanel says: “If you want to be original, be ready to be copied.” By now she learned to refocus on a regular basis and change the crate to keep it original.  Therefore you can know you will always get a crate from a friend or a loved one that you will not get anywhere else in South Africa.

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Studied in Retail but end up with 7 years experience in the Hospitality industry in Namibia. After she was approached by a Marketing and Magazine company work as a Sales Representative she realised she loves the industry and hasn't changed since. Christene has her own design and printing business since 2012 in Upington but especially enjoy working with businesses on their personalised marketing campaign.