Kimberly Sassin – Per aspera ad astra “through hardships to the stars”

A tough admitted attorney with a heart of gold and a passion for animals who will without hesitation fight for their rights! Remember the name, Kimmy Sassin – this gem from the Northern Cape will leave her sparkle for years to come.

Kimberly Sassin

Work hard to be successful and support local – Kimmy also believes in small acts of kindness. Her never-say-die attitude makes her a force to be reckoned with and the obvious reason she is so loved by the various rescue organisations she is involved with. Kind of makes you wonder where she finds the time for her other passions, like singing opera and baking pet treats, while running her pet sitting business… The ultimate pet person ! walking dogs, bathing pets and transporter to vets and groomers.

Kimberly was however, like many others, negatively impacted by Covid-19. Not only did she lose her job, she also had to sadly postpone her wedding. Yet – The stars don’t matter. How I get there does… in the words of Kimmy Sassin “like, share, comment and REPEAT !”