Align with your design…

I realize that numerous questions can arise when you hear this phrase but once you have a conversation with life coach Sanel le Roux, this statement makes so much sense.

“When life lacks purpose, focus and direction, there is no fulfillment and success”

Sanel le Roux

Meeting her for the first time, you immediately see that she is a woman full of life, warm and kind. She laughs easily and despite the seriousness of her career she has a brilliant sense of humor.

She inspires people to grow spiritually and personally, which allow them to embrace their own value and worth. Faith is most important in her life, her foundation and everything she does is build upon it. “People so easily think they are not good enough, or worthy enough, which is absolutely not true. We were made by God and we are made worthy.” Through coaching, teaching and training, her clients don’t just get an understanding but receive the tools making them able to align their lives with their own unique blueprint. We are all made different and we need to love and accept ourselves. Different does not mean wrong or faulty.

She understands that living your life in line with your design is not as easy as it sounds. She has therefore invested much time and resources to make sure she is equipped to offer you the best possible solution. She has extensive experience in her field, is a qualified life coach, a career consultant and a John Maxwell certified trainer and speaker.

Life Purpose Coaching focus on a journey of discovery to better understand your unique principles, strengths, gifts, talents and purpose in life. During Life Plan Facilitation time is spent unlocking stories and “connecting the dots” that lead you into discovering your personality, passions and strengths.

More than 50 years of research has been done suggesting that people who understand their strengths and behaviors are the most effective and successful. Companies that have embarked on creating a strengths-based culture in their group or organisation, has reaped the benefits of increased productivity and employee engagement which ultimately effects the bottom line. When individuals have an understanding of their colleagues unique strengths and talents and how to to utilize it, they perform at a much higher level.

Sanel is not only very enthusiastic about helping people be the best of themselves; she is just as proud and passionate about her family. When she speaks about them you see the love and admiration.  She is married to Cassie and has two beautiful sons. She loves being their mom and her family is very supportive of everything she does.

Walking away from Sanel you realize what was supposed to be an interview changed into a delightful conversation that makes you feel you can conquer the world. One can see that having her as a coach would be life changing and you would surely gain a friend.

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Sherene Grobler

Sherene Grobler’s work experience stretches over a period of more than 30 years and includes a diversity of industries and processes. Her experience includes Mining, Marketing, Event Management and more. This insight gives her the ability to see business from a different perspective. She loves people and are passionate about them reaching their potential.