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Expressive, Artistic, Unconventional and a Beautiful Heart…

Yes, all of the above and even more describes the gorgeous Dorothy Kotze, known to many as Dot. The face of De la Madre Decor Rentals and Events. From the moment you see her with her bright orange hair, her whole persona speaks of individuality and creativity. She knows exactly who she is and what she wants. But above all she is caring, kind and generous and to her community matters. Reviews of her business tell a story of charity organisations that sing her praises and it is evident that she is passionate about people. Giving back is what they stand for.

De la Madre started as a passion project back in 2006 when Dorothy transformed her own wedding into the perfect pink day. She loved the idea of creating an empty space into whatever you can dream of. This artist set her sails and the business was born.

Since 2006 she expanded from a wedding planner out of her own garage to one of the biggest rental companies in the region. De la Madre is now a one-stop-shop from décor rentals, tents, dance floors, party machinery to catering and flowers. Her imagination and creativity comes to its full right when she plans and co-ordinates events and no theme or color scheme is impossible. From customizing kids parties to huge corporate functions, she is in her element. De la Madre also offer party packs, labeling as well as corporate gifting. And if that is not enough they are extremely excited for their soon to be kiddies venue hire.

Arriving at their venue even the front gate and the outside of their showroom shouts creativity.

Dorothy focuses on new and innovative ideas, designing and building new structures, centerpieces, tables and recycling and re-modelling of their old decor. Traveling is a big part of the business as they do business all over the country.

Looking at the amount of work involved in this business, she gives a lot of credit to the wonderful team she has. They are always ready to assist in person, phone, email or social media. De la Madre is a modern company, growing and transforming to make every event memorable.

Dorothy has a lovely family. Hubby Alan is very supportive and they share 3 beautiful boys.

Photo Credit: Kai Kai Love Photography

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