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The Simplest of Things – Happy Father’s Day

Special days remind us to reminisce and think about the special times and people in our lives.  Father’s Day is one such occasion. 

Dads are no superheroes, but to their children they often seem stronger than Hulk and craftier than Ironman.  It is the simplest of things that make our Dads amazing.  The everyday things that we easily overlook.

The warm hug or encouraging nudge before a big test or game.  Reading us a bedtime story. The discipline that is frowned upon but needed 😊.  The wisdom, skills and stories shared on weekend fishing trips.  Driving us to school and entertaining our loudest of friends sitting in the back seat. Giving us the eyeball when we pester our siblings.  The Santa suits and hiding Easter eggs in the garden. 

It is the patience with which they answer the same questions over and over, or help us with our homework.  Holding our hand while we learn to walk and guiding our footsteps as we enter adulthood. The holidays they plan and the ice creams at the beach. Driving us to the hospital in the middle of the night and working to provide for our family.   

It is their ability to love unconditionally.  Most of all, it is their ability to show up.  Every day and every time we need them. 

No matter how old we get, we will remember our Dads and the father figures who have shaped our lives.  Whether these memories are bitter-sweet, or pure wonder, we can all agree that Dads leave lasting footprints.  Happy Father’s Day to all the HUB-dads. 
We lift our glasses to each of you. Prost!

Photo Credits: Hub Friends and Family

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