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Who is the Dad that won La Bourgogne Father’s Day Competition…

We are so thankful for La Bourgogne Wines for the great prize they sponsored for our Father’s Day competition. But let’s meet the Dad that was so fortunate to win our competition.

Quintin de Bruin, a young Dad from Emalahleni was the lucky winner. Quintin is an old “Witbanker” and have stayed in Witbank for the biggest part of his life. He is married to Johanri and they have a son called Jaden. They are extremely excited as they are expecting another little boy around the end of July.

Quintin is very sociable and enjoys spending time with close friends and family. As most of the men from South Africa he loves a good braai. He has a sweet tooth and the prospect of receiving chocolates with the La Bougogne Wine sounds great to him. Apart from chocolates, good coffee is one of his favourite things to drink.

Both him and his wife have home-based businesses, which enables them to work flexi hours. His business services includes Design, Draugting & Certification, Filming, Video’s and Editing, Creation of Apps, Argitectural Drawings etc. If it is highly technical and includes computers or devices, he is your man. When he has some time to himself, he listens to music and he can also play quite a few instruments.

His family is extremely important to him. They all love travelling and outdoor adventures. He is a great dad and spends a lot of time with Jaden. They build lego’s, play computer games and of course, do outdoor activities. Another great love is animals and he has two dogs, Blue and Lacey.

It is easy to see that Quintin is considered a great father by his family. Johanri says …”best friend, the real superman, a storyteller, a teacher. The one who makes us laugh, and teaches us to build our own dreams. More loved and deeply admired than he may ever know.”

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