From the local service station to serving their community

DPA Chem is not just a wholesale distributor of a variety of COVID related products and services, they are also a team of ordinary people trying to help their community through trying times.

Damien Testa owns an Engen Garage and for about 4 years they have provided the community with a place to stretch their legs, get a refreshing drink and fuel up before continuing their journeys. Towards the end of the year of 2019, a disease that threatened lives hit the world and it has been one big fight after the other since then. Here we are early July 2020 and no cure exists yet, however, numerous preventative measures have been identified and implemented as we go on. Sanitizer being one of the leading preventative measures, Damien Testa, his father Frank Testa and friends identified that there will be an increasing demand for sanitizers in our country and not an adequate supply to keep up, especially when schools are going to start again. This is when they decided to start their venture and established DPA Chem (April 2020) in an effort to make a change and assist trough this pandemic.

The team behind the scenes

The WHO implemented a regulation that al sanitizers must have a 70% alcohol content in order to kill the COVID-19 virus on contact. Through DPA Chem’s journey, research and training that they have had to go through to properly transport, handle and store alcohol-based sanitizers, they became aware that these sanitizers can be dangerous and are more flammable than fuel. Alcohol-based sanitizers may have their purpose in this pandemic but DPA Chem has identified that Schools require a different solution.

This is when Max, a little superhero dog from Sanikidz was born. Max is a brand ambassador for Sanikidz. Sanikidz is alcohol-free, non-toxic and SABS approved liquid hand sanitizer. The Minister of basic education Angie Motshekga agreed with DPA Chem that Sanikidz is a safer option for schools. DPA Chem sponsored 100 Schools in Gauteng with Sanikidz liquid hand sanitizer, that is about 80 000 kids that are being kept safe with Max by their side. But the truth is that there are still more schools in need. DPA Chem has made it one of their biggest missions to keep their prices as low as possible. If you would like to get involved and sponsor a school contact DPA Chem today and get your starter pack for as little as R 6 961.00. This starter pack is designed to assist 650 Children for a whole month.

DPA Chem also aims to provide convenient solutions in other ways:

1. They have refill depot for all their sanitizers at the Redruth Service station, but they are in the process of rolling out eight mobile refill depots across Gauteng, keep a lookout on their social media platforms for schedules.

2. Quick and easy business solutions, ideal for schools and small business owners, avoid unnecessary downtime and costs when you need to get a professional in to disinfect your premises. DPA chem provides training that qualifies you as an official COVID officer, as well as the disinfectant foggers to disinfect your premises without delay.

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