Collecting with Results

Most of us got to know Maria van der Wath from the daily scriptures and affirmations she send to us on WhatsApp.  But what most not know about her is that she is managing a Debt Collection business for more than 15 years.  Maria is also registered on the Board of Debt Collectors and a Commissioner of Oath since 2010.

Maria, originally from Upington worked in Johannesburg for a while in the banking industry and thereafter in the debt collection industry.  After the death of her first husband in 1997, she returned to her roots to raise her 2 year old daughter in an environment she knows and trust – Upington.

Back in Upington she was working with three different lawyer firms as Debt Collector until 2006. Maria then opened her own firm as Debt Collector and therefore has built a lot of experience and knowledge in the industry until now.  She met and married, Hannes van der Wath, a local farmer in 2007. 

Maria is not your ordinary Debt collector.  Although she can give the results needed she does her job with compassion and lot of patience and will not alienate your clients.  She understands the industry and will handle everyone with dignity.

If your business doesn’t have its own Debtors clerk and no one in your business have the time to spend phoning debtors, then Maria’s services is just for you.  Businesses that make use of her services successfully are Hotels and Guesthouses.  Specialty industries like Dentists, Optometrists and veterinarians has great success with Maria handling their debtors, but she also has great success with larger industrial companies and the government.

To get an appointment with Maria to work out a custom made plan for your business’ debtors, you can email her at or contact her during office hours on 082 563 8263/054 33 22 970.

About the author


Studied in Retail but end up with 7 years experience in the Hospitality industry in Namibia. After she was approached by a Marketing and Magazine company work as a Sales Representative she realised she loves the industry and hasn't changed since. Christene has her own design and printing business since 2012 in Upington but especially enjoy working with businesses on their personalised marketing campaign.