NLM Planting Seeds of Hope

New Life Microgreens (NLM) is a local Stellenbosch business that was founded by Ananda Van Heerden in 2017. Being a dietician by trade, microgreens grabbed her attention for two reasons – the enormous health aspect of this superfood, and the beauty of these small green leaves. It made for a stunning center piece on a kitchen counter or dinner table. That is where it all started – cultivating high-quality organic microgreens as sustainable décor for the hospitality industry and then using the harvested greens as garnish in restaurant kitchens.

Ananda recently launched a Microgreen Grow Kit online, to inspire ordinary households to grow and harvest their own microgreens at home. Before this, NLM serviced restaurant tables all over the Western Cape but then, the Covid pandemic struck. In a matter of a few days the whole hospitality industry was shut down, and so were the hospitality services she offered.

Online sales of the Grow Kits were slow as the financial impact of the pandemic hit hard. But as the saying goes, every dark cloud has a silver lining. NLM used this challenge to reinvent themselves and came out stronger than ever. With the hospitality décor services still on hold, they started hosting online microgreen workshops, teaching ordinary households to grow these little immune boosters in the comfort of their own home. They also launched new biodegradable packaging for their Grow Kits, and doubled up their refill soil and seed packs at prices that fit everyone’s pocket.

A wonderful children’s range of “grow it yourself” microgreen kits is a new addition to this beautiful brand and will launch very soon, teaching our children the importance of being self-sustainable. For NLM, many great things came about despite challenging economic times as they chose to keep on watering their passion and never stop growing. Inspirational!

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Roslynn van Jaarsveld

Roslynn van Jaarsveld is a master’s graduate from NMU Port Elizabeth, South Africa, specialising in Applied Media and Plain Language Application. Ros has a passion for business growth, writing for impact and building relationships which are the cornerstones of her success. Her 20 years’ experience in PR, communication, and marketing, brings a wealth of knowledge and skill which she happily shares with the MicroHub team and customers. “Connecting and inspiring people are part of who I am. When something comes to you naturally, use it to make a difference – then you can be happy and fulfilled – and success will follow.”