RoyaleSA Skin Care from Mother Earth

If you believe that your skin deserves natural, earth born care and nutrition, you have to try RoyaleSA’s range of pomegranate oil based face serums. This precious oil, made with so much love, passion, determination… and we have to add patience, is the brainchild of owner and founder Izette Dreyer. She is considered an agricultural processing pioneer and the first commercial producer of pomegranate seed oil in the country. Pomegranate seeds produce a rich, nutritious oil that has countless proven health and beauty benefits. The oils are natural, vegan and pure, and ethically produced in the Western Cape.

They believe in natural beauty, and aging gracefully. Looking after your skin with a product that nourishes and naturally slows down the aging process.

Her approach to farming and the harnessing of natural resources is rooted in a deep respect for the fruits of the earth. Many hours of hard work and a passion for entrepreneurship brought her to a point where she has an established brand with customers all across South Africa.  

Pomegranate seed oil is a miracle super oil, boasting powerful antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. It takes approximately 700 pomegranates to produce one liter of pomegranate seed oil, which means this precious product is like liquid gold. RoyaleSA products are eco-friendly, not tested on animals and completely sustainably sourced.

Every bottle of RoyaleSA Pomegranate Seed Oil produced by Izette and her team speaks to a love and deep-seated respect for the natural healing properties locked inside mother earth. This brand is built on passion, hard work and the belief that both beauty and wellness are more than skin deep.

The product is marketed and sold online with ease, and making use of Aramex Store-to-Door services, Izette is able to deliver anywhere in South Africa in a flash.

Visit the Royale at www.royalesa.com and follow them on social media


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