Mom’s trust Epi-max for their most precious treasures

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Epi-max products have a way to surprise new users.  But it is no surprise that they soon become great fans.  The products are highly recommended by medical practitioners for young and old, and as you will see, are loved by those whose lives they enrich with moisture, protection, and care.  We share the stories of two South African mom’s and their journey with the Epi-max family as part of their own.

Lucille Maartins Folker is the mom of 2 1/2-year-old twins, Pippa and Hudson.  Making sure that they are healthy and nourished is her absolute priority, and that includes maintaining a healthy skin routine.  She herself suffered with eczema and is used to a skin regime that consists of perfume-less moisturisers and creams, glycerine soap, lukewarm bath water, and not using softeners to name a few.  Like her, the twins have sensitive skins and for this reason she has been using Epi-max as a soap substitute for them to bath and moisturise with since birth.  According to her Paediatrician, the twins skin challenges would have been much worse had she not adopted this bath time ritual with Epi-max from the start. 

“Epi-max is a cost-effective cream that is gentle and definitely does the trick.”
Lucille Maartens Folker KZN

I too, recently purchased two products in the Epi-max range on a visit to Dischem Pharmacy.  Not because I have eczema or psoriasis, which these products are recommended for, but because I am always looking for nourishing, healing moisturisers and this one came highly recommended. I opted for the Epi-max emollient moisturiser for all skin types (yellow top) and ended up buying two package sizes – the 100g tube and the 450ml pump bottle. The 100g tube is perfect for my handbag to carry along for day-to-day use. The 450ml pump bottle is an easy to use, no mess pack dispensing as you need. No more grabbing too much from the tub by accident. There is a tub option as well if that is what you are more comfortable with. The emollient moisturiser is soft and non-greasy. It has a slight powdery smell, like aqua cream. The best part is that it absorbs into my skin much faster than other products I have used before. I love the sun, and Epimax has now become my perfect after sun, after shower moisturiser. It is light enough for me to use on my face, under my base and doesn’t leave my skin feeling greasy or heavy.

Little Megan Francis and mom Schenelle uses Epi-max on a regular basis.  “The day I discovered Epi-max was the day our lives changed.  My daughter and I have very dry skin and we are prone to eczema if we use other products.  I tried many products until my Paediatrician suggested we bath in and only use Epi-max.  At first, I was sceptical, but then I purchased it and read on the label that Epi-max Junior can be used as a soap substitute.  We saw an improvement in our skin from the very first day.  It was softer and moisturised.  Now, it is the only thing we use, and I make sure to add it to my gifts for mom’s-to-be.  I’m positive once they use it, they will love it.”
Schenelle Francis PORT ELIZABETH

The Epi-max Ultra ointment (red cap) comes in a 40g pack. This little gem is used for very dry, cracked skin so it is great on lips, feet and elbows. It has the texture of Vaseline and really seals in the moisture. It is a little waxy, great for a dry pout, but grab a pair of socks and put your feet up for a well-deserved rest or wear long sleeves to seal in the moisture for excellent results. The ointment is suitable for frequent use and safe for use on babies. All Epimax products are dermatologically designed and tested (and not on animals as this was the first thing I checked). Products are hypo-allergenic, SLS-free (does not contain the chemical Sodium Lauryl Sulphate) and contains no artificial colorants or perfumes. Epi-max caters for the metro-man with a men’s range (grey pack) and also looks after your young ones with their Baby and Junior range (purple top). Epi-max Plus (dark blue top) is designed for very dry skin while Epi-max Oatmeal caters for dry and sensitive skins. Read more at

Follow the Epi-max family for more products and skincare innovations.  They may come in refreshing new packaging designs, but are the same, trusted products that will be used for generations to come.


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