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It does not always go according to plan but that does not make the journey any less fulfilling

Marinda Aucamp is a well-known wardrobe stylist in Johannesburg, she is funny, witty, soft and down to earth as can be. Every little girl has a dream of becoming something when she is older and Marinda’s life may have taken some turns, but she surely found her calling.

Marinda has always been structured, highly competitive and some may say an overachiever. With her dad urging her on every step of the way, she would compete in almost anything and never took on a challenge that she was not ready for.  Marinda is the oldest, two younger brothers and a sister, they grew up in Gauteng and a little bit in the Free state. She studied BA ED at Tuks in Pretoria and BED (Psig) at RAU (UJ) in Johannesburg.

Married to her high school sweetheart (30 years and counting).

Marinda and Greg met in grade 11, High School Voortrekker Boksburg Gauteng. Greg immediately knew this was the love of his life, Marinda, on the other hand, was still focused on academic achievements that she did not realize it at the time that this was the man she will spend her life with. At the end of matric, their paths separated as Greg left for the army and Marinda went to study. But not to worry… their love rekindled at Marinda’s 21st birthday party and their journey has not stopped since.

Marinda and Greg experienced life’s ups and downs like many. They are blessed with four amazingly talented and beautiful girls, Marlé (25), Lara (22), Esther (17) and Emma (15) but in between, they also experienced the loss of six miscarriages. But life took the biggest turn for Marinda and Greg with their second-born Lara, this little firecracker was born with a condition called Holoprosencephaly (underdeveloped / single-lobed brain). Suddenly that structured simple life and their socio-economic status are no longer relevant – they had to adapt because Lara’s life depended on it.

Marinda started working from home in order to be with her kids. During this time she found her calling in life where she started hosting counselling and prayer groups for the woman in her community. Marinda discovered the devastating fact that the “petite woman and overweight woman” face the same self-rejection issues because in various diminutive ways the world is continuously telling them they are not good enough. Marinda also became fascinated with her younger sisters Francein and her friend Liz who assisted woman on how to dress according to their body shapes. They started Cinnamon Toast in Johannesburg, a wardrobe styling and clothing range and also assisted Marinda with her personal style.

Francein and Marinda

Francein soon became Marinda’s style mentor and in 2010 Barefoot In Burgundy was born (BIB). This is how Marinda is trying to rectify the perception of “thin is the only beauty”. Barefoot In Burgundy (BIB) is not there to tell you what is currently in style but to analyze your personality, your childhood background, environment, comfort zones and considering what you have in your cupboard. Based on this information BIB assists you in various ways, starting with what is in your cupboard, how to jazz it up or down, colours that clash and complement what to stay away from for you to dress confidently to your unique body shape. BIB is also not just a quick session and there you go.  No, it is a support system from one woman to another throughout your journey of becoming the best version of your true self and being comfortable in your own skin.

Thanks to technology BIB managed to survive COVID19 with panache. This personalized and custom service is difficult to deliver without meeting face to face and getting into someone’s cupboard, but Style Buddy launched in December 2019, a platform where a woman can subscribe and receive weekly tips on how to dress up and combine those older items, themes and additional support are provided to every beautiful lady out there.

To join in on all the fun and inspiration you can follow Marinda / Barefoot in Burgundy on social media platforms.

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