Not all heroines wear capes

We are celebrating extra-ordinary ladies this women’s month. Meet Nichola Anne from the Gamtoos Valley. Nichola juggles 3 jobs whilst raising her teenage daughter. It can be a challenge at times, however those who know her will say she takes it all in her stride.

Nichola lives in the picturesque citrus farming community of Patensie, located about an hour’s drive from the friendly city of Port Elizabeth. A typical working week will see her doing daily school runs as well as helping her friends’ kids with aftercare, making sure tummies are full and homework is done on time.

She is privileged to be able to work from home in the afternoons where she fulfills her duty beautifully as mom and bread-winner. Nichola also serves her local community through her active involvement with Gamtoos Tourism. She promotes and coordinates local events as acting ambassador & committee member. In addition, she assists a couple of local farms, including Gonjah and Kwaggaskloof , with general admin, wages and industry related audits. Balancing all her duties is certainly not a walk in the park, although she does manage to make it seem so.

Nichola loves gardening and crafts. She often spoils those close to her with handmade and thoughtful gifts. Some of her closest friends and family attest to Nichola’s unfailing zest for life, which radiates wherever she goes.

She is often the person who provides uplifting emotional support to those around her, despite facing many obstacles of her own. The pandemic & recent lock down has been challenging, however it has also afforded her the opportunity to spend even more quality time with her blossoming young daughter. After years of planning, she was recently able to take a mom & daughter trip to far off places – an experience she and young Annalene will be able to cherish forever.

Patensie is a small and close-knit community. “I have a fantastic support structure” she says, “I am a giver, I can’t help it, it’s just who I am” she replies whenever you protest as she arrives at your door with thoughtful gestures in hand.

Nichola exemplifies so many “ordinary” women who achieve extraordinary feats, seemingly unnoticed, each and every day. These are the women who make a difference in the lives of those around them and, way too often, fall under the radar. These are the unsung heroines that we celebrate during this women’s month.

We see you ladies, and we thank you.

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Piérre Maré

With over 15 years experience working with blue chip companies in the fields of customer service, sales & marketing, he has a keen interest in technology and online marketing.