Lockdown delivery welcomes baby Luca

JW and Daphne are a wonderful young couple who live in Kimberley, Northern Cape. They met at Stellenbosch University while John-William was studying to become a Physio while Daphne studied to become a medical doctor. In December 2015, John-William proposed to Daphne and they tied the knot at the end of the following year. Their story is one of adventure and loads of travel, but they have also had to live apart for the better part of a year, while JW was working in Kimberley and Daphne was completing her year as a Community Service Doctor in Potchefstroom. As soon as they had the opportunity to both take leave, they booked a two week trip to Istanbul. Returning to SA with the best news of all – they were expecting their first child.

On 7 May 2020 they became a family of three, when Luca decided to arrive a whole month earlier than planned. Delivering a baby in the middle of a world pandemic is not what any parent had in mind this year. It was scary on a whole new level. Having to leave your ‘prem’ baby in the hospital while you are discharged is unthinkable, unexpected and nerve wrecking. Luca is their little fighter and full of smiles. Even though the start was not what any parenting book had said or even prepared them for, this experience was definitely their biggest adventure yet!

Daphne, being a doctor and obstetrician, knows the importance of good skin health and was excited to try the Epi-max Bum Cream for Luca. For a preemie baby, sensitive skin is just one of those things that you know you need to look out for. Their town is also well known for its dry climate and harsh water, so Epi-max comes in real handy as a soft and nourishing soap substitute. John-William was keen to start using his gift pack and was really impressed by the effort the Epi-max team had put in to make their family feel special.

When asked what she is looking forward to in the near future, Daphnie said: “As you know, we absolutely love to travel and see the world and it will be so special if we can take our new little baba on an adventure with us!!”

The Epi-max team spent the evening of 22 September sharing valuable information with our group of baby mommies. The online session was filled with scientific snippets and practical pointers that helped the mom’s understand the benefits and uses of the range of Epi-max products better. Thank you to Salmari Fourie and her team, for the insights shared and valuable BABY TALK provided!


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Kim Du Toit is a Freelance Graphic Designer with a passion for visual communication. Victor Papanek sums up design in one sentence: “The only important thing about design is how it relates to people.” Designing is more than drawing pictures, making things look pretty or slapping together a quick layout. She to like to put “fun” into functional. Design is about understanding a product or service and communicating that understanding to a target audience. She has been in the graphic design industry for over fifteen years. Being creative and thinking of new ways to break boundaries is what keeps Kim up at night. Throughout her career she has specialised in designs for small below the line studios as well as been part of a marketing team for an international corporate company. This has given her exposure to a wide variety of projects and clients which has greatly increased her knowledge on design and how to implement campaigns effectively.

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