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Fish SA – Pro & Recreational Fishing Gear

Dean Dickinson is well known in Port Elizabeth, for the decadent catering supplied by his company, Imagination Food Design.  What many may not know, is that Dean has shelved his award winning catering business and is now pursuing many other interests and business concerns. 

As an avid, professional fisherman, Dean saw a gap in the market for well-designed fishing gear and products for the recreational fishing industry.

His brand, Fish SA, was born 3 years ago with a vision for future development, but really took off during Covid-19, progressing to approximately 50 products in the range over the last 2 – 3 months.  “We are looking at what is available in the industry and what is still needed, and will develop even more products from there,” Dean said.

When Dean returned to SA from the UK in 2002, he had to start a business.  The choice was between getting into the fishing industry, which was one his main passions, or catering which he clearly excelled at too.

Dean had been a passionate angler since the age of 2 and realised that if he had to do guided fishing tours for a living, he would not know what to do for fun.   Catering it was, so he pursued a small cooking school which grew into an award winning catering business of 17 years.

At the beginning of 2020, it was time for a change, and a different industry.  Fish SA, which originally started with spools of medium cotton and a logo, expanded its range to t-shirts and caps, and proceeded to developed products that Dean himself have wanted to use, being a provincial angler.  It was a natural progression to develop a business in this.  “I was now doing something I enjoyed, in the fishing industry, but not fishing for a living.  I could still look forward to go fishing when I wanted to for fun”. 

The time had come to refine the business, and Dean needed to look for partners that would help him take his products around the country.  He needed a courier company that would be efficient, one that he could rely on, and that would be cost effective.  After being introduced to Aramex, he is looking forward to building a relationship that would be beneficial to his business in the long term.

Follow Dean and Fish SA https://web.facebook.com/fishsa.co.za/


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