Solar – A case study

Solar – A Case Study

A free assessment of your electricity account from GreenLight Group (SA) is a pocket of insight.  It allows you to re-assess your electricity expenses and whether you are getting the most bang for your buck.  

Imagine saving 35% on your electricity account.

What if this 35% saving equates to R32 680-00 in total savings within one year of installing a solar system?  Too good to be true?  Let’s do the math.

After analysing a client’s most recent electricity accounts – over 12 months, the GreenLight team found that their client’s average electricity usage was approximately 7 898 kWh per month. 

At an average tariff of R2,34 per kWh, their monthly account from the national provider would be approximately R18 510-00, with the reality of an additional annual escalation of roughly 10% looming. 

SIDE NOTE:  At this rate of escalation, they would be paying R22.61 per KWh by 2040!  This equates to R178 573.00 per month!

The GreenLight team suggested several solar power options, but the preferred solution was their Energy Service Agreement (ESA).  “You would use the solar energy generated with no CAPEX required and start saving from day one. ” Executive Director, Michelle Rumbelow said. 

The client’s new energy tariff on the Energy Service Agreement (ESA) reduces their rate to R1,52 per kWh from the former R2.34 per kWh.  A monthly bill of R18 510.00 is now reduced to only R12 005.00

This is a saving of R1,32 per kWh and an average saving of R6505.04 on their monthly electricity account.

GreenLight Group (SA)

By selecting this option, our client would also contribute to a healthier, greener planet and save 16 173kg of coal

To recap, the ESA would save the client a whopping 35% on their current monthly electricity bill, with no capex investment. 

Saving in our current economic climate is a priority.  Saving our planet in the process is our responsibility. 

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