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When it all comes together – Fred, Izelle and co

Izelle and Fred have had their own ups and downs, however as a couple they stand by each other and rise above. Becoming a parent is the scariest and most rewarding experience ever. They have two amazing little ones. Amelia is 4 and loves her cute little brother Rikus, who is a whole 8 weeks strong.

As kids, we often do not grasp how amazing a single moment, or a family trip, can be until we are much older. Izelle used to love watching the hot air balloons from her parent’s bedroom window in Hartbeespoort on a Sunday morning. She still cherishes family Christmases and camping in the wilderness.

She longs for her children to find fulfillment in life and to experience happiness within themselves. She would not like for them to depend on other people or material things. Izelle would love to provide her kids with the memories worthy of treasuring once they are older and are able to genuinely appreciate the value of family.

Many of us swore that we would never be like our parents when we were kids, but as soon as we have our own, we suddenly gain so much sympathy for our own parents. Izelle experienced a “I sound just like my mother moment” when she called her child “My ou Varkie.”

Motherhood connects us in more ways than one and so do the products we use during pregnancies and on our babies. Izelle is passionate about Epi-max products and she enjoys using them with both her kids.

The Epi-max team spent the evening of 22 September sharing valuable information with our group of baby mommies. The online session was filled with scientific snippets and practical pointers that helped the mom’s understand the benefits and uses of the range of Epi-max products better. Thank you to Salmari Fourie and her team, for the insights shared and valuable BABY TALK provided!


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