Health Spotlight

The Rademeyer Family

Meet Lexi and her proud daddy Conrad from Bloemfontein! She is a 4-year-old unicorn-princess with an overload of diva. The daddy-daughter duo recently moved from Durban. Needless to say, putting down roots in Bloemfontein amidst the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown regulations, was a challenging situation for both of them.

Conrad is a proud new business owner, with a passion to provide for his family.

Conrad describes his family as unique and spontaneous. Lexi has been an absolute blessing to their family and she is his number one priority. She is a gorgeous little girl and soon, Daddy will have to keep a close eye on his little heartbreaker. The Rademeyer family is an athletic family. Conrad has achieved numerous milestones from climbing Kilimanjaro, to obtaining a black belt in karate, and completed in a Singapore Marathon! One would say, the ultimate Epi-max Man. Lexi is making her own list of athletic achievements and she may very well be an Olympic gymnast in the making. Wellness is an important part of their daily lives and Epi-max fits in perfectly to this routine.

Lexi was beyond excited to have an Epi-max unboxing. The gifts were thoroughly tested by Lexi and her dad, and highly appreciated. It was exhausting keeping a 4-year-old’s attention, but when she asked the following day for “another party please Aunty Aldi”, my heart melted.

Thank you to the Rademeyer family for being so generous with their time, and to Epi-max for bringing soft, well nourished, healthy skins to another deserving family.

The Epi-max team spent the evening of 22 September sharing valuable information with our group of baby mommies. The online session was filled with scientific snippets and practical pointers that helped the mom’s understand the benefits and uses of the range of Epi-max products better. Thank you to Salmari Fourie and her team, for the insights shared and valuable BABY TALK provided!