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Epi-max Kalahari skins – Heiko and Anzel Mans

Heiko and Anzel Mans describe themselves as the typical internet dating romance.  They met eight years ago. Heiko is from Upington in the Northern Cape, and Anzel worked all over the country for a large company.  When she met Heiko she fell in love with the Kalahari-man and his people, and decided to settle down here with him.  They fell in love and got married within nine months, starting their lives together with their three dogs and a new home.  Heiko jokes about their relationship and says that he imported Anzel to Upington for himself.

Heiko is a Test Field Manager and Product Engineer for a local company, while Anzel is a Lecturer at the local college, and an Author with many successful books behind her name.

The couple prayed 6 years for their first child.  They had a miscarriage in 2016 after which doctors told them that they would never be able to have a natural pregnancy or birth.  One year later their healthy little girl, Elliana, was born.  They strongly believe in miracles and the almighty power of God.

They are now married 7 years, happier than ever, and recently celebrated Elliana’s first birthday with family and friends.  Elliana and her mommy love to sing songs of worship together. They also love spending time together as a family.  Elliana is the joy of not only her parents lives, but also that of her grandparents who she visit regularly.  She has a consistent and warm smile for everyone around her.

Because of the dry winters and warm summers in the Kalahari, all three of them struggle with sensitive skin and use the Epi-max range of products. The products were suggested to Anzel by their local doctor.  Especially Heiko struggles with eczema on his chest and stomach, and found that the Epi-max Man works well to keep his eczema under control and his skin healthy.  Elliana has had light eczema from birth for which Anzel uses Epi-max. She found it to work best for Elliana’s skin.  Anzel also believes that Epi-max is the best solution for dry and tired feet since, as a lecturer, she is on her feet every day for long hours on end.  The family proudly recommends the Epi-max range to be used in any home.  Not only for babies, but for the whole family.  Thank you Epi-max – for caring about family skincare and making a proudly South African product.

The Epi-max team spent the evening of 22 September sharing valuable information with our group of baby mommies. The online session was filled with scientific snippets and practical pointers that helped the mom’s understand the benefits and uses of the range of Epi-max products better. Thank you to Salmari Fourie and her team, for the insights shared and valuable BABY TALK provided!


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