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SHE IS A WONDER by Shavaughn Benade

She is a Wonder is aimed at females of all walks of life.  “It’s not just a brand – we inspire, we make a woman feel worthy and we remind them that they are more than enough. We want the women who wear our products to feel powerful, amazing and strong,” says owner, Shavaughn Benade from Port Elizabeth. 

Her company provides women with unique and special products that add to their self-worth and natural beauty.  The main products in their range are the motivational t-shirts.  Each of these have their own story and unique design.  The Sunflower Lady, for example, inspires women to face the sun when they are going through dark or trying times.

The range also includes hoodies, night shirts, accessories and more – all products that make a woman feel comfortable, beautiful, and perfect in their own skin.

The company started 3 years ago as an online store.  At the time, Shavaughn felt that she was not mature enough for her brand and she put the dream on hold for a year.  She started a blog to communicate with and inspire females, but this did not work out as she had hoped.  During lockdown, while Shavaughn faced her own challenging time, she found her inspiration in She is a Wonder once more and reconnected with her original business idea.

Her business philosophy is to be proud of your brand.  “If you can’t wear it, you shouldn’t sell it.”  On a personal note, she lives by three prominent quotes hanging in her lounge – “Make it happen”, “Be so good that no one can ignore you” and “You can totally do it!”.

She gladly shares her products with customers all over SA via Aramex Store-to-Door Services.  Her parcel was received in Stellenbosch by Natasha Haasbroek, owner of Delightful You.  What a pleasure to share a little inspiration with another female focused brand – helping women embrace their beauty through nutrition, body image, make-up, hair care and more.

Shavaughn has been using Aramex services for a while.  Her experience with their service has been very positive.  “They are affordable, do overnight services and they respect my products”.


About the author

Roslynn van Jaarsveld

Roslynn van Jaarsveld is a master’s graduate from NMU Port Elizabeth, South Africa, specialising in Applied Media and Plain Language Application. Ros has a passion for business growth, writing for impact and building relationships which are the cornerstones of her success. Her 20 years’ experience in PR, communication, and marketing, brings a wealth of knowledge and skill which she happily shares with the MicroHub team and customers. “Connecting and inspiring people are part of who I am. When something comes to you naturally, use it to make a difference – then you can be happy and fulfilled – and success will follow.”