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Meet Gashwin and Jaydene Seekoei

Gashwin and Jaydene met through a friend.  From the moment they met, Gashwin knew he wanted Jaydene’s phone number and get to know her better.  Needless to say, his persistence paid off. The couple fell in love. They enjoy spending time together and feel that their personalities complete each other.

Then came their biggest gift yet. Little Isaiah is a bundle of smiles. One would never know that his life started with a number of setbacks. Isaiah was born premature at only 7 months.  In the first month of his life, the nurses were so unsure if he was going to make it, that they didn’t want to update the couple on how their baby boy was doing. A few months on, this tiny baby boy has grown very strong and even crawled for the first time while we were taking pictures.  It is clear that he will bring only joy to his proud parents.  

With a lot of prayer and grace from God, Isaiah pulled through – and because of this, Gashwin and Jaydene know that there is a big plan for Isaiah’s life.  The couple made a promised to God that they will always give Him the glory. That they would grab every opportunity to get to know Him better, and give Isaiah the best life possible. All the difficulties they experienced as a result of Isaiah’s untimely birth, helped them to acknowledge that they wanted to remain a couple and raise their son together.

Isaiah was struggling with skin rashes from birth.  Because of this, Jaydene knows Epi-max well and has been using the Epi-max Baby & Junior range as prescribed for Isaiah by his Pediatrician.  Jaydene loves the product for her baby boy, and trusts nothing else. 

The Epi-max team spent the evening of 22 September sharing valuable information with our group of baby mommies. The online session was filled with scientific snippets and practical pointers that helped the mom’s understand the benefits and uses of the range of Epi-max products better. Thank you to Salmari Fourie and her team, for the insights shared and valuable BABY TALK provided!


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