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Jess Johnson’s Art is a Gift


Wife and mother of two busy toddlers, Jess Johnson, is the owner and creator of Art.Is.In Gifting. It is an exclusive boutique style gifting service based in Port Elizabeth that supplies beautifully hand crafted, bespoke gifts all over South Africa. Each gift is specially thought out and put together to meet their individual clients needs. If you like to stand out when sending gifts to your clients, colleagues or close friends and family then Art.Is.In Gifting is the gifting service for you. Their offering is quite different to ordinary corporate gifting. All products are carefully selected and sourced from all over the Eastern Cape. “They are locally produced, hand made, authentic pieces that suppliers have put together for us and we have the pleasure of putting them into beautiful boxes and deliver them to where they need to go”, Jess said.

Jess and her team are passionate about eco-friendly products. They are proud of the fact that they have no wastage, no plastic, nothing that can harm the earth. A bonus is that the gift boxes are totally reusable. Jess started the business during the 2020 Covid-19 Lockdown. When asked why she decided to start a business in such a volatile time, she named two main reasons why her business has become such a large part of her life. For one, Jess wanted a creative outlet. Two, the business became a community project where she was able to help friends and connections who had fell on hard times, to earn additional income, and be part of a business network that would add something wonderful to the world. It was a way to participate and give back to her local community and create an additional income for herself as well.

The parcel was sent from Port Elizabeth to La Bourgogne Wine Farm in Franschhoek, Western Cape where it was received by Inge Schreuder who was delighted to find a unique gifting option that they can consider to give to their special visitors and guests.

This dynamic young business woman has great advice to share with new business owners and women that want to start their own home-based businesses. “It’s never to late to start something. If you are passionate about something or if you’ve got an fantastic idea, go with it, and definitely don’t be afraid. Just dive out into it and learn as you go. Don’t see your mistakes as failures and ask for help when you need it. Learn from everything you do.”

Jess was very happy with the service she received from Aramex Couriers. She had used Aramex services shortly before this interview and said that her parcel had been delivered quickly and was well received in Joburg. She was impressed with Aramex process (took her about 20min), they were friendly and informative and very professional. In her words “I am super stoked”.

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