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Good wishes and a parcel of thanks to Danskraal

Marinda works for Connect Office Solutions in Ladysmith. When she got the chance to thank a special client, she chose to send a thank-you gift to Zelna Liebenberg in Danskraal, as a token of their appreciation for her continued support.

The gift was delivered to Zelna’s door by Aramex Ladysmith.

December is a wonderful time to say thank you – to those you appreciate, those that continually support you, and those that left a special gift in your heart during the past year.

Creating the opportunity to make everyday of this new year a “sending smiles” day with Aramex, is a gift in itself. Let’s make South Africa smile, one parcel at a time.

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Roslynn van Jaarsveld

Roslynn van Jaarsveld is a master’s graduate from NMU Port Elizabeth, South Africa, specialising in Applied Media and Plain Language Application. Ros has a passion for business growth, writing for impact and building relationships which are the cornerstones of her success. Her 20 years’ experience in PR, communication, and marketing, brings a wealth of knowledge and skill which she happily shares with the MicroHub team and customers. “Connecting and inspiring people are part of who I am. When something comes to you naturally, use it to make a difference – then you can be happy and fulfilled – and success will follow.”