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How can you protect your pets against tick bite fever?

If you’re someone who takes your dog on most of your outdoor adventures then tick bite fever might have crossed your mind. When your dog is exposed a lot to a field of long grass then it is important to ensure that your dog is protected from tick bite fever. 

Now, what is tick bite fever? The fancy name for this disease is Ehrlichiosis and it is a disease that domestic dogs can get which is more common in warm climates but if you’re living in Cape Town then you should watch out for this disease during the winter months. This disease is a tick-born disease that infects your dog when an infected tick bites and feeds on them. 

What are the symptoms of this disease?

If you recognise a change in behaviour in your dog then there are a few symptoms to look out for. The most common symptoms for this disease are high fever; total or partial loss of appetite; vomiting and diarrhoea; coughing; weakness or paralysis; swelling of the hind limbs. If you notice any of these symptoms the best option will be to pay a visit to your closest vet. 

“Prevention is better than cure”

– Dutch philosopher Desiderius Erasmus

We recommend investing in Bravecto Protection before taking your dog on the next adventure. Bravecto is a dose that you give your dog that will provide them with 12 weeks of flea and tick protection which means you can go on 12 worry and stress-free adventures with your furry friend. You can invest in Bravecto for dogs and cats to ensure that the health of your pet is in tip-top shape.

Tick bite fever is a chronic disease and it is important to ensure that your pet is protected and if not, to know which symptoms to look out for to get an early diagnosis. So, the most important preventive measure is to keep animals as free from ticks and fleas as possible. 


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