Breaking through Marketing Clutter

Progress and innovation is a good thing. However, progress and innovation tends to complicate as much as it aims to simplify, and that is exactly where modern day marketing is falling short at the moment.

With the expansion of the web, the vast amounts of marketing channels and social media platforms available, and the gazillion product placements that are done on these daily, how do you break through the marketing clutter to be seen by your ideal client?

The answer may be as simple as becoming REAL in an unauthentic world. As the complex world increases its demands, it may be time to go back to our marketing roots, dust off those one-on-one’s and coffee dates (Covid protocols followed off course) and connect with your desired audience like friends instead of mere prospects.

True connection with a brand is challenging but can be very rewarding to achieve. By inviting your consumers into your world, putting your products in their hands and allowing them a REAL sensory experience with your brand, you are communicating trust and loyalty to them before expecting it from them. Meeting them where they are, physically, has always been a winning approach. Don’t just take our word for it, test it.

Marketing is a process with many facets. There is no one-size-fits-all. There are many combinations of strategies that need to be put in place to meet your desired audience, build their trust and convince them to use your offering. REAL, RELEVANT and RELATABLE connection is merely one of these strategies, but we believe one of the most effective, especially in times when connection for many means more screen time.

About the author

Roslynn van Jaarsveld

Roslynn van Jaarsveld is a master’s graduate from NMU Port Elizabeth, South Africa, specialising in Applied Media and Plain Language Application. Ros has a passion for business growth, writing for impact and building relationships which are the cornerstones of her success. Her 20 years’ experience in PR, communication, and marketing, brings a wealth of knowledge and skill which she happily shares with the MicroHub team and customers. “Connecting and inspiring people are part of who I am. When something comes to you naturally, use it to make a difference – then you can be happy and fulfilled – and success will follow.”