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How to help your dog lose weight?

According to statistics, more than 38% of all adults dogs in South Africa are overweight and that excess weight is tied to an astonishing array of health problems. 

When it comes to preventing obesity, or even the slow creep of excess weight in your dog, it is important to know what your dog’s normal weight should be. Although it is important to seek your vet’s counsel on your dog’s ideal weight, there are a few things to check for at home to establish whether your dog is in a good condition. A few things you can check for is; does your dog have an hour-glass shape body when standing behind; do they have a waist and can you easily feel their ribs? If you answered no to all three of these questions then your dog probably should lose a few kilograms. 

Now, how can you help your dog lose weight safely and healthily? Just like humans, losing weight in dogs also comes down to the right food and regular exercise. It all begins and ends right at the food bowl of your dog. As a dog owner, you can try to break up meals. You can start feeding your dog in smaller portions and dividing their total daily portion into three to six portions. The second thing you can keep in mind is to make sure that you’re feeding your dog nutrient-dense and bio available food. This will help to keep your dog healthy and also reduce their overall intake of food. The last thing is, quality and quantity matter when it comes to treats. Vets recommend that you give your dog fresh veggies and fruits such as baby carrots, blueberries, apples and bananas because all these make healthy treats.

When combining these healthy eating tips and regular exercise for your dog, you will help your dog lose weight. These is just a few tips to help you in the right direction but remember weight loss and maintenance is a long game, don’t rush it. 

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