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How to train your dog to run with you?

Is it impossible for you to run with your best friend? Do you have an active lifestyle, and you would like to start exercising with your dog? Well, we have just the trick to keep you all fit.

If your dog is walking comfortably on a leash, it should be easy to get him to start running with you. It can be very challenging if your dog your dog is leading rather than walking beside you. If you shorten the leash to around a meter, your dog will get in the habit of walking next to you instead of walking in front. This will help you when you hit the road.

Make sure that your dog is in healthy shape for him to exercise. Puppies’ bones develop for up to 18 months and running with them might have a long-term impact on their development and long-term physical ability. For dogs who are older than 18 months and are new to running, it is best to start slow and build together. Consistency is key.

There are some incredible leashes available for runners. Consider getting a Bungee running dog leash harness for you and your best friend. With the Stretchable webbing, your dog will have some freedom of movement and he will not be able to chase any squirrels. You will be hands-free that will not only improve your balance but may help you run better.

Be sure to carry some treats with you to reward your buddy if he is doing a great job. This will encourage him to listen to you. If your dog is easily distracted, it will be best to start in a quiet environment, such as parks and trails and then move on to the roadside.

Most people enjoy running with a companion but struggle to find the perfect fit. With these handy tips, you will soon be enjoying a relaxing jog with your furry best friend.

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